Online 2315
21.559 Players
164 Guilds
ERROR404 Owner Castle
The server with the most PvP.

Vip advantages

We understand that the player who is willing to donate will need to have exclusive and exciting benefits in their game play.

Star Advantages

Experience Boost - 100%
Offtack time 24h unlimited
Happy Hour Boost - 5%
Chance of success on Chaos Machine +0% of luck +5% of luck
Chance of success on Errtel Upgrade - +10%
Chance of success on Harmony Socket - +10%
Star Server Access No Yes
Hunting Farming 10.000 Monsters 20.000 Monsters
Hunting Active 6 Monsters 5 Monsters
Goblins every 30 minutes 30 40

Star Server

Items do not lose durability

Guardian pets and mounts do not die

Non-PVP Channel

Happy Hour effect x2

Mobs HP -30%

Mobs DMG -30%

All Bosses / Invasions / Events

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