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The server with the most PvP.

StarMU was launched on 07/22/2022 with the aim of being the best high season full PvP server.

Here you will find a reasonably high experience with a very easy farming difficulty, which doesn't make you give up on the first day of the game.

We offer a Dashboard to manage your accounts, huntpoints, kills and events, all in one place, which can be open alongside the game windows.


Here we have several monster invasions separated by maps and servers, see more:

Balrog Losttower 400 Ruud VIP 800 RUUD
Gorgon Dungeon 400 Ruud VIP 800 RUUD
Ice Queen Devias 400 Ruud VIP 800 RUUD
Hydra Atlas 400 Ruud VIP 800 RUUD
Zaikan Tarkan 400 Ruud VIP 800 RUUD
Metal Balrog Losttower 7 1000 Ruud + Jewels VIP 1500 RUUD
Deep Gorgon Deep Dungeon 5 1000 Ruud VIP 1500 RUUD
White Wizard Lorencia Jewel of Harmony -
Pouch of Blessing Raklion Condor Feather -
Red Dragon Lorencia Rage Earring -
Gnome, Muff, Salamander, Sylphid, Undine Acheron 100 Ruud + Elemental Talisman + Elemental Rune + Blessing of Spirit VIP 200 RUUD

Boss Difficulty

Understand each difficulty before facing Stars darkest bosses.

2x 380 Socket + 4.000 Ruud
3x 380 Excelente + 4.000 Ruud
4x Ancient Tier 3 + 4.000 Ruud
Bloodangel Sealed + Seed 3 or Steel of Heaven + 4.000 Ruud
Core Magriff
7.000 Ruud + Guardian + Magriff Pets + Elite Stones
5.000 Ruud + 400 Weapons Socket + Elite Stones
10.000 Ruud + Necklace + Ring Ultimatium + Apocalipse Boots + Seeds
Lorf of Silvester
7.000 Ruud + Rare Pentagram + Seeds
Lord Ferea
10.000 Ruud + Garuda's Flame + Garuda's Feather + Golden Sentence + Seeds
10.000 Ruud + Silver/Manticore/Brilliant Boots + Pentagram/Errtel Emblem + Pierce Lion's Seal
God of Darkness
10.000 Ruud + Necklace + Ring Ultimatium + Rare Pentagram 4 Slots + Seeds


Our server has people from all over the world, with large guilds competing in more than 20 automatic events.

Ware 3 Free / 9 Star
Drops 30%
Experience 1000 ~ 25x
Hotspot All Maps
Version Season 18 part 2-2

Chaos Machine

VIP players have more advantages with an extra 5 to 10 percent to upgrade their items.

Itens +10, +11, +12 45%+Luck
Itens +13, +14, +15 30%+Luck
Wings Level 1 100%
Wings Level 2 80%
Wings Level 3 40% or 50% Vip
Wings Level 4 30% or 40% Vip
Feather of Condor 60%.
Garuda Feather 30%
Vip Bonus +5%

Radience Options Rate

Paralyzing 20%
Punish 20%
Bleeding 20%
Binding 20%
Blinding 20%

Upgrade Earring Sucess Rate

Level 11 60%
Level 12 70%
Level 13 80%
Level 14 90%
Level 15 100%


/s,a,v,e,c Commands to add points in strength, agility, vitality, energy and command.
/offattack Attack MOBs even offline.
/store Open a Personal Store. /mcoin and /mgoblin
/offstore Leave your store open even with the PC turned off.
/ware Change Chest. Eg: /ware 2.
/info [char] See character information.
/rebuild Reset character attributes.
/kill See who you killed.
/death See who killed you.
F11 end Insert Button 3D System
/vote Vote in favor of expulsion from the chat.
/openvote Start Vote mute.
/clear Clear your main inventory.
/dc Use the command /dc nick password (Account access password required)
/removeexc Command used to remove some excellent add from the item.
/mix New map Mix World.
/survivalpt New Event Survival Party entry.
/wing Use the command to roll the excellent bonuses of your wing level.
/arena or /arenagp Commands used to access the arena attack or wcoin or gp event.
/lock or /unlock Command used to lock and unlock your account against modifications.
/vipruud Buy VIP with Ruud
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