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Grow Lancer Speed Server Started!

We are very excited to start this new Speed journey together in our game.
We expect many new players and we are preparing a slightly different format, so that you can reach the endgame within the new servers.

Server List

- Server Speed 1: This server will have protection against pvp, super buffed invasions and bosses.
Server Speed 2: This server will feature free PVP, super buffed invasions, bosses and extremely high experience.
- Event Serve: This server is exclusive to speed server players.
- Mix Server: This server is exclusive to speed server players.


- High seed drop on boss on server 2.
- High gem drop on server 2.
- High Chaos Machine rate on the Mix server.
- Increased chances of better earrings and mounts on the Mix server.
- Increased chance of dropping the new Lightning and Apocalypse boots and gloves on Balgass.


- Level limit on server 1 is 1400.
- It is not possible to transfer items from speed servers to normal ones.
- General level limit on the speed server is 1500.
- The speed server rules are the same as the regular server.

Buying Access Ticket

To access the speed server, simply make your purchase in the package store on your panel, on the website. The values ??change as the event approaches its end.


The end of the speed server will be on 02/18/2024 at 23:59 GMT -3.
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