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Celebrate Carnival at StarMU

Going online has never been so advantageous in the smallest month of the year.

Some like it and some don't, but everyone wants a little event to liven up the early morning hours, right? ??

From today 11/02 to 13/02 we will be offering special boosts that I will explain below:

- 50% extra experience on servers outside of Speed.

- Chance of gaining your additional harmony increased by 25%.

- Chance of earning your perfect mount increased by 25%.

- Chance of getting your perfect earrings increased by 25%.

- Chance to gain your additional elemental in your Wings 4 increased by 15%.

Shop at Carnival Folia:

- Guarantee your 30 VIP days for R$ 25.00

- Secure your Start Package for 49.00

- Guarantee all Wcoin Packages Doubled.

- Migration of Items from one class to another with a 50% discount.

- Package with 10 Flame Box for R$10.00.

Attention: Only the extra experience will not be applied to speed servers, the other promotional items will be applied normally to the server.

Coupon Usage:

During the promotion, due to reduced costs, streamer coupons are disabled.

Use the coupon: [CARNAVAL5] to get 5% off your donation.

Enjoy this party with us

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